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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • "I have been visiting Dr. Praneeth at Journey Physical Therapy for the past three months concerning shoulder and back pain from playing tennis multiple times a week. Praneeth has applied massage therapy and dry needling to alleviate my pain and prescribed various stretches to ensure the pain doesn't recur. I have been feeling much better and would recommend anyone searching for PT to make an appointment."

  • "I went to Praneeth for some pains I was having in my hip and calf from running. I some him a few times and he had me do some exercises at home. He also suggested some different stretching techniques before I run and they have really helped. I haven't this good running in a long time. Thanks!"

  • "I went to see Praneeth for back and toe issues. It was a great experience - everything from helping me deal with insurance to progressing my exercises. I had weekly visits for 6 weeks and have not had issues since!"

  • "Highly recommend Journey. I threw my lower back out and was in a lot of pain/could barely move. Praneeth was not only able to see me the same day, but was able to alleviate a lot of pain after initial visit and got me back to 100% after 2nd. He was very prescriptive and gave stretches to do at home as well."

  • "I was referred to Dr. Purimetla by a friend in the industry and he has done a lot for me! I threw my shoulder out almost a year ago and had experienced pain ever since. He quickly (first session actually) identified which muscles were causing the issue and what behaviors were perpetuating it. With that information, we worked up a plan for a targeted recovery and I feel like I recovered in about a month. Do your exercise! After the fact, it's easy for me to forget how much pain I was in. Absolutely 5 stars."

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